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Eviatar is fascinated by the roots of the body and mind and how we embody our past generations, traditions and cultures. She researches into the forms within tradition and the knowledge they contain.



What constructs the self?
Body Roots is a solo performance examining images and representations of my family and how they are carried in my body and mind. Utilizing masks of my family members I explore these images based on a belief that the personal is political. The work explores an intersubjective approach that perceives each individual as constructed from one's context and from the relationships of each individual with the others.


Body Mandala focuses on the movements my grandmother would perform at celebrations, movements I learned as a child by dancing together. Now I am relearning the movements and reprinting it in my body. While rediscovering and redefining the movement I am simultaneously revealed and redefined by them, as I establish new bodily synapses creating a possibility for future movement.
I am a sustaining and preserving body, restoring the culture and maybe celebrating my genes.

Rehearsal management by Dalia Chaimsky and May Zarhi
A duet version was performed by Sahar Azimi  and Shira Eviatar as part of "Machol Shalem", with and artistic guidance by Iris Erez and Sharon Zukerman.  The work was supported by the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.



Rising is an encounter of two bodies of knowledge from two different cultures: Yemenite and Moroccan. The work is a duet where we examine the movements etched in our body, sourced in our tradition of celebration, movements that have been passed down from generation to generation. The dance of celebration is displaced out of its context and set on stage, striped from its ethnic aesthetics, allowing us to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two traditions. Through the action of "re-wearing" these movements we hope to raise feelings, sensations and mindsets belonging to these cultures.

Link to Trailer:

Rising premiered at the Curtain Up Festival 2016 with the artistic direction of Itzik Giuli. The work has been created and performed by Shira Eviatar with the dancer Anat Amrani, and supported by Yasmeen Godder Studio, Kelim center and The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts. Invited by the Bat-Sheva Dance Company.



In her new work, a solo piece for the dancer Evyatar Said, Shira Eviatar continues to research the way cultural knowledge is embodied in the body. The work draws a personal cultural landscape from the Yemenite tradition: movement, dances, rhythms, gestures, values, ways of thinking and communication that together compose a language that is practiced as ones heritage. By entering the public space, this language becomes recognized, identified as "other". On stage, Said migrates into his home; he deconstructs and rewrites his body memories, his bodies of knowledge, emotions and sensations as he celebrates the possibility of establishing an independent body in the present.

* To watch the full work please contact me for the password

Choreography: Shira Eviatar | Dancer and creator: Evyatar Said
The work is in progress and will premiere at "Between Heaven and Earth" festival with artistic guidance by Yasmeen Godder. The work is being created in a residency program at Kelim, and a residency at "Tights - Alliance of Dance and Thought". The work is supported by the Mifal Hapais. Photography: Merav Ben Loulou

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