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Work with other artists


Shira Eviatar was selected together with four other choreographers from the Mediterranean area  to take part in a very unique international project.  The project was based on the idea of generating greater dialogue between the artists of the Mediterranean area,  creating a space where they can confront their individual aesthetics and universes, giving rise to a collaborative process between artists who meet for the first time.     

The project started with a 4 week residency at AADK Spain.  AADK is an international artistic platform, based in Blanca, Murcia, which supports projects of research and contemporary art creation and was founded by artist Abraham Hurtado. We met every day in beautiful studio space surrounded by the picturesque range of mountains and citrus orchards.

The 4 weeks were dedicated towards sharing practices and finding ways to communicate and to create together. The group found a common interest in the concept of the absent body. Following the residency all 5 choreographers arrived in Lisbon for the international Cumplicidades festival.  During the 7 days of the festival a 20 minute performance was presented each day.  Each performance was one of seven very different chapters, with dialogue between them and in relation to the absent body. Together the 7 performances composed a whole piece that provided a space for a variety of creative methods and thought processes between choreographers. The works utilized different mediums ranging from dance performance to sound installations.

Curated by Abraham Hurtado | Performers Gizem Aksu (TR), Myrto Charalampous (GR), Shira Eviatar (IL), Matías Daporta (ES), Oriana Haddad (EG/ IT) | Sound Design Selu Herráiz (ES)


TAPPING INTO SELF Co-creation with Josette Wiggan

Josette Wiggan is world class international Tap Dancer. Josette has performed on some of the best stages on the world, from Broadway to  Cirque du Soleil. Today Josette is a teacher and artist in festivals around the world while residing in Tel Aviv, Israel.  She immigrated to Israel because of love where she is raising her daughter.  Based on the contrast between her life in Israel and her life abroad we created a work that is observes two contrasting conditions. 

Josette experiences two different forms of visibility. When abroad she is a star within her field, where people want to be seen with her, in Israel she is confused as a refuge and subject to racism. The collaboration is a solo of Josette which researches the idea of being overseen and unseen, between heard and unheard, between the glam and the dull, between familiar and foreign.   

The piece premiered in Intimadance Festival on June 2018, with artistic direction by Erez Maayan Shalev and Anat Katz



Possessing brings together artists Hadar Ahuvia and Shira Eviatar to collaboratively question their shared, inherited trauma of the Israeli nation-state, asking “How do we move together?” Ahuvia, unpacking Ashkenazi heritage in institutionalized Zionist folk dance, and Eviatar, recentralizing Arab/Mizrahi aesthetics in contemporary performance, incite dialogue around appropriation, legacy, and settler-colonialism.

Their search unfolds in movements that recall ancestors’ and institutionalized celebration and mourning rituals—extending far past their respective bodies and histories. This performance contains nudity. Gibney dance center NYC | 21-23 November

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