Shira Eviatar is an independent choreographer, dancer and artist based in Jaffa. She presents her work, lectures and leads workshops of her method in Israel, Europe, and the US.

Eviatar's works reflect the forms within tradition and the knowledge they contain, creating a meeting point between the ethnic/traditional body and the concrete/present body. 

She was a 2015 DanceWeb Scholar and is the recipient of the 2019 prize from the Ministry of Culture and Sport for the Preservation and Cultivation of Israeli Culture, and The 2020 Rosenblum Prize for Promising Artist for creating a new genre of local dance called contemporary Mizrahi.



  • 05 Dec 2020

    International Exposure Festival 2020

    This year I am happy to participate in the international exposure event with the work "Possessing" which was co-created with Brooklyn based choreographer Hadar Ahuvia. The work premiered at Gibney, and will be shown as part of the online version of International Exposure Festival of 'Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre'.

  • 01 Dec 2020

    Performance Demonstration for the re-opening of Israeli culture

    Since the outbreak of Covid-19 all the Israeli cultural events and centers have been closed. The decision not to reopen seem to be political. The Arabic – Hebrew theatre in Jaffa invited me to participate in performance demonstration along with Yasmeen Godder, Renana Raz, Niv Sheinfeld, Oren Laor and more.

  • 24 Nov 2020

    The 2020 Rosenblum Prize for Promising Artist

    I'm honored to receive the 2020 Rosenblum Prize for Promising Artist for creating a new genre of local dance called contemporary Mizrahi. This prize comes following the 2019 award by the Ministry of Culture and Sport for the Preservation and Cultivation of Israeli Culture.

  • Covid-19

    "Being Thankful"  practice

    A space where we practice giving thanks and being in gratitude. A journey of words and thoughts, traveling the path by saying outload thank you for *things* in our lives, for *things* that exist and the way in which they exist in the world. The practice allows us to see and bless with our thanks the infinity, the abundance, the blessing we have been given, to see the creation and to be amazed at the world in which we exist. This practice can be practiced individually, with a partner or in a group. Soon will be also o video virsion with the film maker Zohar Melinek 

  • Covid-19

    Reflecting Happiness project

    “Reflecting Happiness" is a project where I open my home for one week, where people are invited to come and ask for what they need or choose from a "menu". It is a space to celebrate life and our togetherness, a place to just be, to meet, to listen, to see each other and to share thoughts, idea and time. 
    Its inspired by the concept of "Sitting Shiva", a 7 day period of morning in Judaism following the burial of relatives, it embraces a time to discuss the loss and accept the comfort of others.  
    We danced, we practiced rituals and prayers of giving thanks, we held ceremonies, we discussed art and life, politics and where we find ourselves within it all. 

  • Covid-19

    Imagining a New Reality

    On May 30, 2020 Eyad al-Hallaq, a 32-year-old autistic Palestinian man who was shot and killed by Israeli Police in East Jerusalem.  He was not armed and not threatening anyone. The incident was well documented and filmed, but the Israeli government refuses to release the video.  My heart aches, there is no justice for Eyad.

    In response, Yaniv Segal and I created an event in the public space that invited people to stop and imagine another reality, a different future, to imagine that things can be different. We created silence, 90 minutes of stopping everything, to rethink, to reflect, we must imagine and envision a new reality in order to create change.  

  • Covid-19

    Quarantine Parties

    During the COVID-19 period I found myself quarantined with my husband for a month and half after returning from Ethiopia.  We were in complete isolation, no one comes in, no one comes out, miracles happen. We decided to throw a quarantine party, every evening at 7:00 pm, so we won’t go crazy, to keep our sanity. 

    Every day we uploaded videos on social media of our daily quarantine party and it became a living space full of love, laughter, nonsense, and also of pain, togetherness and self-humor. People watched and followed us daily, giving feedback of how important our dancing was to their own daily quarantine routine.  

  • 18 Feb 2020

    Workshop " Steps from Sana'a and Hebron"

    This workshop is a collaboration with Yousef Hasasneh and Evyatar Said. The workshop teaching Palestinian Dabke and Yemenite Dance. This workshop is the first time introducing this two dances together. An artical writen about this in the HAARETZ news paper  link here

  • 21-27 Dec 2019

    Possessing Tour in Israel

    Possessing, a new work in collaboration with the New York artist Hadar Ahuvia, Join us in the Studio performance at Jaffa, and Jerusalem Al-Quds in Machol Shalem dance center and Tmuna Theater

  • 21-24 Nov 2019

     POSSESSING World Premiere at Gibney NYC

    Possessing brings together artists Hadar Ahuvia and Shira Eviatar to collaboratively question their shared, inherited trauma of the Israeli nation-state, asking “How do we move together?” Ahuvia, unpacking Ashkenazi heritage in institutionalized Zionist folk dance, and Eviatar, recentralizing Arab/Mizrahi aesthetics in contemporary performance, incite dialogue around appropriation, legacy, and settler-colonialism. After conducting research separately, they come together to deepen their questions and application of their respective forms. Gibney NYC 21-23 November 

  • 10 Sep 2019
    SOFIA Bulgaria

    Honored to be the representative of  Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance  at the ATOM Choreographic Series #3! The project is a meeting point of young dancers and choreographers who collaborate, experiment, exchange and realize ideas during a 10-day intensive training from August 31st until September the 9th. At the end of the programme on September 10th, a mutual showcase will be presented in Sofia at Derida Stage. The choreographers are Joseph Lau (Manchester Dance Consortium) , Herb Johnson III (USA) - aka J Dot TightEyex , Shira Eviatar (Israel) ,Stefaniya Georgieva (BG), Iskra Prodanova (BG)

  • 18 May 2019 
    SPRING festival! Rising and Eviatar/Said 
    Utrecht, Holand

    Rising and Eviatar/Said will be taking part in the amazing international festival SPRING in Holland. This will be our premiere in the Netherlands. We will have two shows on the 18th and the 19th of May. Join us if you are around.

  • 8-12 Apr 2019 Theatre De La Bastille, Paris Body Roots and Rising!

    We are super excited and honored to been invited with two works to the Theatre of La Bastille in the heart of Paris! We will preform 5 evening, from the 8th to the 12th of April. Please join us!

  • 23 Mar 2019

    PREMIERE of my new work: MAKING SENSE

    I'm super excited to share with the world my new work MAKING SENSE, with the beautiful dancers Eyal Bromberg, Anat Amrani, Anat Vaadia and Evyatar Said. 

  • 22-26 May 2019 OFF EUROPA Festival! our tour in Leipzig, Chemnitz, Dresden, GERMANY

    Rising and Eviatar/Said is going on tour in Germany with OFF EUROPA festival. This year the festival is mapping Israel and we are honored to be invited with 2 different works! We be showing in 3 different cities Leipzig on May 22nd , Chemnitz  May 24th , Dresden May 26th. Hope to see you there

  • 7 Dec 2018 Eviatar/Said at the International Exposure Festival Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv

    We are excited to take part in this Festival with the work Eviatar/Said! The performance will be followed by an artist talk facilitated by Ran Brown. Join us if you are around. 

  • 14 Oct 2018 Conference Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World, Arizona State University, Tempe

    In the conference I will lead a workshop titled: Our Bodies of Knowledge - To immigrate in your own home/body. In the workshop we will research forms and shapes that are embodied within us. What are the mindsets, feelings, values and emotions we practice through these shapes

  • 4 Sep 2018 L1 DanceFest Budapest, Hungary

    RISING will preform at  the CONFERENCE-SERIES in the name of PARTNERSHIP, as a part of L1 Dance festival- international festival of contemporary performing arts  Budapest. Celebration Body Workshop where we will research forms of celebration that we embodied  and
    examine new ways to observe what is familiar.The studio will be filled with our social and cultural bodies-  What do we practice through those forms of celebrations

  • 06 June 2018

    Eviatar/Said in Rencontres chorégraphiques Festival

    The solo Eviatar/Said was invited to the known and great Festival Rencontres chorégraphiques! The work will be shown in two evenings, on the 7-8 of June. Please join us.

  • 27 June 2018

    Tapping into Self Premiere of the new Work!

    Tapping in to Self, A collaboration with Josette Wiggan, a Tap dancer from LA, now based in Tel Aviv. A solo that is a meeting point of two aesthetics : Tap dance and contemporary dance. Premiered at IntimaDance Festival, Tmuna Theater

  • 03 June 2018

    Rising in Berlin

    Rising is invited by Machol Shalem to Berlin! It will preform at the Dock 11.

  • 29 May 2018

    Eviatar/Said in Fabbrica Europa Festival

    Eviatar is invited to lead a 2 day workshops on the 28-29 of May and to present her work Eviatar/Said on the 29-30 of May, in FABBRICA EUROPA Festival.

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